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What should I do after I am involved in a car accident?


A car accident can be terrifying, and it often leaves you feeling confused and angry, especially if someone else was at fault. With that in mind, we have outlined a few advisable steps that you should take immediately following a car accident:


  • Request Medical Attention - Safety comes first! Always seek medical attention after an accident in  Florida, even if your injuries appear minor. Serious injuries such as brain injuries or soft tissue injuries may not become symptomatic until days after the initial accident.

  • Exchange Contact Information - You will need the contact information of the other motorists involved in the car accident to file an insurance claim. Therefore, it is important for you to get their name, phone number, address and insurance information.

  • Document the Accident - It is important to document all evidence related to your car accident, such as the damages done to your car, the injuries you received, the vehicles involved, and damages to the surrounding area. You can also keep any damaged property or clothing that was affected by the accident.

  • File an Accident Report - In most cases, the police will arrive on the accident scene soon after they are contacted. They will officially document the accident and file a police report. However, if they don't show up, make sure you file an accident report with the appropriate local authorities.

  • Contact Your Insurance Company - You'll need to give your insurance company the basic information about your car accident in Miami, Florida to start a claim. You'll also want to look over your own policy to double-check your coverage.

  • Contact a South Florida Personal Injury Attorney - Your Miami, Florida personal injury attorney can help investigate your case and assist you with filing a Florida personal injury claim. A Miami, Florida personal injury attorney can also assist you with negotiating a fair settlement for your damages.


Filing a Florida personal injury claim may help you recover compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages among other considerations. If you've been injured in a car accident in South Florida, contact the Law Offices of Ivan A. Schertzer to speak with an experienced attorney who can represent you - 305-940-0007.


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