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Miami Personal Injury Law Blog

Woman sues restaurant after falling on slippery floor

When a business fails to ensure the safety of their customers, someone could become injured as a result of the hazardous conditions. Whether they don't take care of icy sidewalks, a wet floor or any other dangerous property condition, customers should never suffer from debilitating injuries because of negligence. Furthermore, although many people have heard about slip and fall incidents, these cases can take many forms, some of which do not receive as much attention. For example, a Miami property owner could fail to repair damage to the building or provide inadequate security. Although every accident can't be prevented, business owners should do everything they can to improve safety.

After a woman fell down on a slippery floor in a North Carolina restaurant, she allegedly broke her wrist. As a result, she recently filed a lawsuit against the company that owns the restaurant chain.

Car accident claims life of Miami woman

When a car accident occurs, numerous issues could arise due to the crash. From insurance problems to costly medical expenses and serious injuries, the consequences of a car crash can be devastating. In Miami, Florida, these wrecks continue to claim lives and cause a significant amount of physical and emotional pain for those involved. In order to try and reduce the frequency of these incidents, drivers should always be vigilant when they get behind the wheel.

After she backed out of her driveway, the vehicle a 22-year-old woman was driving was struck by a minivan. The collision, which took place at 1 p.m. on 13th street, caused her car to roll over and strike a tree.

Florida bicyclist struck by vehicle

Although everyone on the road faces numerous risks, bicyclists and pedestrians are particularly prone to serious injuries and death. In Miami, Florida, these incidents continue to appear in the local news and should remind everyone of how important it is to obey traffic laws and watch out for everyone on the road. There are many reasons why these wrecks still take place, from a drunk driver to busy roads, so people should always be vigilant when they get behind the wheel. Too many lives have been lost due to a bicycle accident and these incidents can lead to numerous problems for those involved.

Shortly after 6:30 a.m. on a recent Monday morning, a bicyclist was struck by a vehicle in Tallahassee. The collision took place on Centerville Road and Capital Circle North East, according to authorities.

Florida Supreme Court rules against 2003 wrongful death law

Whether someone loses their life in a fatal workplace accident or due to medical malpractice, the emotional toll on families can be very difficult. While dealing with the death of a family member is tough, it can be even more painful when someone passes away due to negligence or careless behavior. In Miami, those who want to take action after the loss of a loved one should review wrongful death laws in Florida and thoroughly review their options.

A 2003 law that placed a limit on damages in wrongful death lawsuits that stem from medical malpractice is not constitutional, according to the Florida Supreme Court. In a 5-2 ruling, the court stated that a limit on non-economic damages was in violation the Florida Constitution's Equal Protection Clause.

Multi-vehicle Miami car wreck leaves six hurt

Auto accidents take place for a number of reasons, from texting and driving to getting behind the wheel after one too many. Negligent behavior can take many forms and is particularly dangerous when it occurs on the road. However, some accidents are the result of poor visibility or deteriorating road conditions and other factors. Regardless of the cause, too many people in Miami and throughout Florida continue to be involved in a car accident and are burdened with significant pain and suffering. As a result, drivers should do everything they can to drive safely and prevent wrecks.

Although there were no fatalities, a Miami car accident that recently occurred left six people injured. One of the vehicles involved consisted of a father and his three children, all of whom were transported to the hospital due to their minor injuries. Two passengers were thrown out of another vehicle and suffered serious injuries, while a passenger in yet another vehicle was left with a head injury. A pickup truck driver escaped unharmed.

Florida pedestrian hit by multiple vehicles

Whether they are walking for exercise, convenience or simply because they don't have a vehicle, there are many reasons why pedestrians take to the roads. Sadly, they also face the risk of being struck by a car, which can lead to broken bones or even loss of life. A variety of factors may contribute to a pedestrian accident, such as drivers being unable to see them at night or a busy intersection. In Miami, Florida, and throughout the nation, these accidents continue to claim too many lives. As a result, drivers should always be cautious and watch out for pedestrians.

While he was driving to work early in the morning, a 56-year-old man ran over a homeless pedestrian. After getting out of his vehicle and attempting to warn other drivers of the victim lying on the street, three other vehicles ran over the pedestrian, two of which fled the scene.

Woman awarded $15,000 in slip-and-fall suit

When it comes to the safety of customers, employees and anyone else on the premises, business owners have a responsibility to ensure that there are no hazardous conditions. Likewise, landlords and all other property owners in Miami and throughout Florida should be vigilant and aware of any dangerous property condition. There are a number of premise liability hazards that can arise, some of which could lead to very serious injuries when left unaddressed. Some examples include wet floors, broken elevators, inadequate lighting and all sorts of other problems. As a result, it is imperative for people to be vigilant and always strive for safety in the workplace (or anywhere else, for that matter).

After a woman filed a lawsuit last year due to falling down and breaking a bone, a Village Council in New Jersey recently approved a $15,000 settlement. According to the Village Attorney, they were unable to influence the outcome of the suit because it was a jury trial.

Florida boy passes away after being hit by semi

Even though most drivers are aware of how dangerous the roads can be, fatal accidents continue to take place on a regular basis. From Miami to Jacksonville and throughout Florida, too many of these accidents continue to occur. In order to prevent another fatal bicycle accident, drivers have a responsibility to always obey traffic laws and do everything they can to avoid a collision.

While he was riding his bike to school, a 6-year-old boy lost his life after being hit by a semi truck. Although he was taken to the hospital, he was unable to survive his injuries. According to the boy's brother, who was with him when he was struck, they were crossing the street on foot while walking their bicycles when the collision occurred.

Three people from Miami die in out-of-state wreck

Whenever a driver gets in their vehicle, there are a number of things they should keep in mind, from wearing seat belts to avoiding the roads when conditions deteriorate. Although ice and snow aren't of much concern for some drivers in Miami, Floridians could run into trouble with these hazardous road conditions when they are driving outside of the state. Furthermore, there are many contributing factors on top of inclement weather that can lead to a car accident, from congested traffic to drunk drivers. In order to save lives, people should remember the risks every time they get behind the wheel.

While they were heading south on US 69 in Bryan County, Oklahoma, three residents of Miami lost their lives in a fatal car collision. After losing control of their vehicle as a result of ice on the road, the SUV they were riding in was struck by two freightliners.

Florida driver fatally strikes pedestrian

Pedestrians take to the streets for a variety of reasons, from convenience to exercise. Unfortunately, there are risks that can interrupt and even ruin their lives. Although most drivers understand the importance of looking out for pedestrians, these accidents continue to occur in Miami and throughout Florida. Because pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries and death, these incidents can be very tragic. Some accidents are caused by careless drivers, while others are a result of busy roads. Regardless of the reasons behind these accidents, everyone should be more vigilant and try to prevent another one from occurring.

After she allegedly stepped on the accelerator by accident, a 35-year-old Sarasota woman struck a pedestrian on Midnight Pass Road. The accident took place in a parking lot, where the driver apparently drove over bushes before hitting the pedestrian.

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