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Pedestrian hospitalized after Florida accident

From brain damage to broken bones or a neck injury, there are many types of personal injury that pedestrians may suffer from after being hit by a car. In Miami and across Florida, these incidents happen for a variety of reasons, such as drunk or careless drivers. In order to prevent future accidents from resulting in significant physical and emotional suffering, drivers should always be vigilant and responsible when they take to the road.

Although law enforcement officials say that they have not filed any charges, they are still investigating a pedestrian accident that recently took place in South Florida. Authorities responded to the incident, which sent a 26-year-old pedestrian to the hospital due to serious injuries that he suffered in the collision, at roughly 5:30 a.m. in Pembroke Pines.

Miami car accident sends two to hospital

From insurance issues to a serious injury which results in costly medical expenses, those who have been involved in an auto accident may have a number of issues to contend with even if they are fortunate enough to survive. In Miami, Florida, it is not uncommon to hear about another car crash occurring, whether someone was texting while driving or responsible for causing a drunk driving accident. When people get behind the wheel and take to the sometimes hectic roads, they should try to remember the numerous risks they may face.

After the driver of an SUV slammed into a business located at a Miami shopping center, four people who were inside of the building suffered from numerous injuries. Although two of the victims did not require hospitalization for their injuries, the other two were taken to the hospital. One of the victims was a child who may have a fracture as a result of the crash. The accident was so loud that it was audible throughout the shopping center.

Florida driver fatally strikes bicyclist

Broken bones, medical expenses and a wide range of hardships can affect bicyclists who have been struck by a vehicle. Unfortunately, they are not always able to survive a bicycle accident, which can lead to severe emotional pain for their loved ones and create financial problems as well. In Miami-Dade County and throughout Florida, these incidents continue to appear in the news. Hopefully, with increased bike awareness, more lives can be saved in the future.

A report that was released by the Florida Highway Patrol provided additional information on a fatal bicycle accident which recently took place on Elkcam Boulevard. The report claims that a 23-year-old driver was responsible for fatally striking a bicyclist in Charlotte County on a Friday night while he was attempting to pass another vehicle.

Outlet store accident results in lawsuit

Lack of repair, inadequate security and hazardous conditions can all lead to accidents and injuries that customers should not have to deal with. When someone has been hurt in a slip and fall scenario, they could be unsure of what to do next. Additionally, they could be facing injuries that will affect them for years to come and financial problems because of the accident. In Miami and throughout Florida, anyone who is going through this should do everything they can to move forward.

A woman claims that she was walking behind an employee who was using a low cart when the worker stopped suddenly, which made her fall down and become injured. Because of these alleged injuries, the woman recently filed suit against the outlet store this incident occurred in.

Florida widow files wrongful death suit

From a fatal boating accident to medical malpractice or a fatal workplace accident, there are many different types of tragedies that claim lives. However, for families who are struggling with the loss of a loved one, they can all cause severe emotional pain and a number of other hardships, such as financial problems. In Miami, Florida, anyone who is dealing with a wrongful death should take a close look at all of the options on the table.

After her husband was shot to death in May, a woman from North Naples recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a couple who is believed to be responsible for his death. She filed the suit on behalf of her deceased spouse, who police reports claim was killed after a fight with the suspects.

Florida Highway Patrol looking into pedestrian accident

When someone survives a pedestrian accident, they may suffer from head trauma, broken bones and other serious injuries. In some cases, people lose their life after being struck by a vehicle. These fatalities appear in the news from time to time in Miami, Florida, which should remind drivers of the importance of always obeying traffic laws and looking out for everyone on the road. From drunk or careless drivers to a hectic crosswalk, pedestrians face a number of threats.

A 5-year-old girl was recently hit by a vehicle while she was attempting to cross the street in Jacksonville. Her brother and father were with her at the time of the accident, which claimed her life. She was reportedly only 500 feet from the closest crosswalk. Her father received treatment for injuries that were not life-threatening.

Driver charged in fatal Miami accident

When a drunk driving accident occurs, there are a number of problems that may arise. In addition to suffering from a serious injury or even losing their life, victims of these wrecks may have difficulty dealing with medical expenses or be unable to work, among other financial setbacks. In Miami, Florida, these incidents continue to take place, permanently changing the lives of those involved in the auto accident. As a result, everyone should be vigilant when they get behind the wheel.

According to investigators, a 29-year-old man was trying to make a left turn in Miami when the side of his vehicle was struck by an SUV that drove through the intersection. The man, who had just finished his shift as a security guard and was heading home, lost his life at the scene of the accident.

Wreck claims life of Florida bicyclist

Although bicyclists face a number of threats regardless of where they ride, urban areas present certain risks that increase the likelihood of an accident taking place. In Miami and other cities throughout the country, hectic traffic, a drunk or negligent driver, poor road conditions and other factors may contribute to a bicycle accident. Sadly, these accidents sometimes claim lives and cause broken bones and other serious injuries.

A 53-year-old driver reportedly struck a 29-year-old bicyclist in Pinellas County on Tampa Road as he was pulling out of a driveway. The collision claimed the life of the bicyclist, who was riding on the sidewalk.

Woman struck by vehicle in South Florida

From a drunk driver to a dangerous crosswalk, pedestrians have a number of things to look out for. Unfortunately, these incidents continue to occur in Miami, Florida, and around the country. When a pedestrian accident takes place, it could result in serious personal injury (broken bones, brain damage, etc.) and may even prove fatal. In order to avoid another preventable death, drivers should be particularly vigilant of everyone on the road.

A female pedestrian who was recently walking on a street in Northwest Miami-Dade was struck by a vehicle. Authorities said that the car responsible for hitting the woman also ran into a gate. The incident took place at roughly 9:45 a.m. around Seventh Avenue and Northwest 17th Street.

Miami Gardens car accident leaves four injured

From a brain injury to emotional suffering and even loss of life, car accidents can have tremendous consequences. On top of dramatically impacting the lives of those directly involved, their friends and families could struggle to move forward from the car crash as well. In Miami, Florida, these wrecks continue to claim lives and take place for a number of reasons, such as a distracted or negligent driver, texting and driving, DUI and many others.

A multi-vehicle car accident that recently took place in Miami Gardens caused four people to suffer from injuries that required medical attention. One of them was critically injured in the crash, which took place shortly before midnight.

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